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At Mountain Man Originals, we design and handcraft METAL ART and MORE...It's Not Just Metal Art Anymore...Check us out and see for yourself!!!

Mountain Man Originals would like to send a big Thank You to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for choosing 3 of our products to go into their 2017 Event Merchandising Catalog, 7th year in a Row! We are very honored to have been chosen for 7 years straight and proud to be a part of this organizations' efforts to conserve elk and their habitat.
If you are interested in learning how to become a part of this wonderful organization, go to their website at www.rmef.org.

Come visit our booth at the
Pendleton Roundup
On Main Street
Pendleton, OR
Sept 12 - 15, 2018

Featured Products

Ammo Sign 3D Wilderness Scene w/ Royal Bugler 2 Hook Coat Rack w/Bareback Rider
Ammo Sign
Store Price: $75.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Sign with two rifles framing "Warning Shot" signage centered in the middle.
3D Metal Art Silhouette of a Royal Bull Elk calling out to his mate.
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Wise One Small Frog/Colored Solo Pheasant
Wise One
Store Price: $10.00
Small Frog/Colored
Store Price: $5.00
Solo Pheasant
Store Price: $40.00
Metal Art Silhouette of a Brightly Colored Wise Old Owl.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a little Jumping Frog.
Large Circle Saw with 3D Ducks Scene Salmon/Colored Brook Trout/Colored
Store Price: $55.00
Brook Trout/Colored
Store Price: $35.00
Hand made Circular Saw with beautifully detailed scene of Mallard Ducks coming in for a landing.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Salmon Swimming.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of Brook Trout looking like it has just been hooked.
Mare & Foal Towel Ring Lone Cowboy Leavin'
Mare & Foal Towel Ring
Store Price: $25.00
Lone Cowboy
Store Price $45.00
Store Price $40.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Hand Towel Holder with two Running Horses.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Cowboy and his horse slowly riding down that long trail to an unknown destination.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Sign with Cowboy and his Horse slowly riding away.
Circle Star w/ Steer Head T. P. Holder Solo Pheasant/Colored 3D Cabin Scene
Solo Pheasant/Colored
Store Price: $45.00
3D Cabin Scene
Store Price: $375.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Toilet Paper Holder with a Star and centered Longhorn Steer Head in circular format.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a solo Rooster Pheasant taking flight.
3D Metal Art Silhouette Scene of a Rustic Cabin nestled between the trees with snow capped mountains in the background.
3D Rose Oval The Challenge T.P. Holder 2 Hook Coat Rack w/Bull Moose
3D Rose Oval
Store Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $39.00
The Challenge T.P. Holder
Store Price: $20.00
3D hand colored rose using a special new process. Like real roses, no two are alike. Clear powder coated for durability.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Toilet Paper Holder with a Bugling Bull Elk.
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