Mountain Man Originals
Metal Art and More (If It's not Unique...It's not a Mountain Man!)

Envisioned and Created by the Wilson Family
Mountain Man Originals is a locally based family started operation. The name was derived from their sons nickname and the originality of our products. Our family team consists of Mel Wilson, Jaecie (Wilson) Lopez, new owner and sole proprietor, Debbie Wilson and Harley (until September, 2014 when he decided to pursue new business ventures). We all wish him good luck and good fortune in his new pursuits.

All family members were raised on farms and ranches in the Ontario, Oregon / Payette, Idaho rural communities. So Country and Outdoorsman living and life styles are in our blood.
We started working with Metal Art about 10 years ago. Back then Father & son were cutting it out by hand and spray-painting it flat black. It was mostly a “yard art hobby” business at that time and pretty much looked like everyone else’s Metal Art. But those early efforts are what started the creative juices that sparked the thought process as to what new and innovative ideas could they come up with to make our metal art more than just the status quo.
As an Agriculture teacher, Harley was instructing his students on how to use their schools newly purchased plasma machine for more productive and refined metal cutting. He was so impressed by the process that he had to show his Father (Mel) to get his opinion. Mel agreed with his sons impressions and decided right then that if they were going to continue and grow this metal art business; they needed to purchase one of those for themselves. It made production much smoother and faster from the get-go, and generated a nicer beginning product with cleaner cuts and better lines.
Although the cutting process may have become more automated, the grinding, coloring and finishing work of each piece is still all done by hand which influences the uniqueness of each final product.

This was pretty much the turning point where Mountain Man Originals went from more or less a weekend hobby venture to a full-fledged business.

Through trial and error, some unique and innovative ways to color the metal to make the silhouettes and scenes look more realistic was discovered. It was this unique finishing process that started catching everyone’s attention. Always striving to improve their product, they later decided a clear powder coat was the best way to preserve the metal for as long as possible. Top quality and customer satisfaction was, and still are, our number one goals.
People kept telling us we needed to start selling our product at trade and art shows. So we tried a couple local events and it spiraled upward from there. Today we go to an average of 15 shows a year and are still adding new ones to our list; many at the request of the event organizers. It’s a great way to meet new people, show and sell our products and a fun and exciting way to advertise.
As the business has progressed, the we continued looking for new and innovative process that would continue to make out pieces stand out from the rest. Together with Mel's foresight, guidance,and innovative thought process, the business started putting out pieces that were making them stand out amongst the more seasoned vendors at the trade shows.
In 2009, Debbie created a website to make all of the products available to everyone who might want to purchase them online. This website was the precursor to the Online Store that you are currently visiting today. She spends less time managing the website these days, but both she and Mel are still very involved in helping out at the shows and other business tasks as needed.
Jaecie jumped on board in 2010 starting out as Sales Manager, then co-owner in 2012 and sole owner in 2014. Quite an accomplishment for a young woman that runs all aspects of her business while still making time to raise her two young children.
As you can see, what started out as a small hobby business located in a barn several years ago has now evolved into a thriving full-time business venture for the family.
To accommodate this growth, a new shop was built in Ontario, Oregon in 2011 to handle all of the equipment, production, shipping and product storage. The front office was used as a small gallery where several of our pieces are always on display.Unfortunately, due to the fire in 2014, we no longer have this facility, but works are in progress to build a new shop down the road.
Mountain Man Originals has been a great adventure for everyone involved and continues to be so today. We are very proud of our product, our family and production team and have made it our mission to bring the best quality product to our customers every time. And we are also proud to be able to say that all of our pieces are handcrafted and made here in the U.S.A.

We are excited about this new online store, which showcases each item beautifully for your shopping convenience, and are looking forward to reaching out to new customers through it. Check out the Kind Words link at the bottom of this page to see what some of our existing customers are saying about us and spend some time browsing our beautiful unique designs in the store. By doing so I’m sure you will quickly see that Mountain Man Originals is more than just Metal Art.

Thank you for your interest and come see us at one of our shows. You can find the schedule under Events Schedules below the Company Info section of the Store Front page.