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Saw Art Single Trees Wheels
Through on-going innovative and creative ideas, are constantly coming up with new designs and products that continue to amaze even ourselves here at Mountain Man Originals. We have gathered together some of the most popular original offerings under the Unique Items category for your shopping enjoyment. These pieces are made using the same quality handcrafted process used to create our Silhouette Art, but stand apart because of their distinctive design concepts that incorporate items like saws, vintage single trees and farm implement wheels. Be sure to check back often to find out what new artistic impressions we have come up with that may fit your own personal decorating visions.
Saw Art Single Trees Wheels
Stunning pieces that incorporate 1 & 2 man lumber Saws.
Unique Silhouettes & Signs incorporating vintage Harness Single Trees as hangers.
Vintage Farm and Ranch Implement Wheels.