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Wood Slab Western & Wildlife Scenes
Continually looking for new ways to showcase our Metal Art pieces, Mountain Man Originals combines the natural uniqueness of wood slabs as backgrounds for some of our popular scenes.  Using the differing and distinct colors, textures and wood grains, we incorporate the natural contours of each slab to set off the Metal Art scene we feel blends most aesthetically together.   Due to the individually and availability of each wood slab, these pieces are “Specialty Items” and can’t be mass produced.  The smaller slabs range in sizes from 13” x 10” to 24” x 15” and the larger slabs run from 50” x 40” to 66” x 28”.
Because of the differing weight and sizes of each pieces, we request that you call for design specifics and pricing.  Once all the technical aspects of the artwork are finalized, we will be happy to process your order over the phone.
Wood Slab Western & Wildlife Scenes
Juniper Wood Slabs/Metal Art.