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Signs 2D Silhouettes 3D Silhouettes
   Uniqueness, originality and attention to details are just some of the descriptions that come to mind when you look at one of our Metal Art pieces.  Each one is handcrafted by individuals with several years of experience working with metal and it shows in the quality of the end product.  Cut from 14 gauge steel, the innovative finishing process used by Mountain Man Originals makes every item unique so that no two pieces are exactly alike.  Our two dimensional pieces are perfect as stand-alone artwork or can be used as components in combination to produce more extensive scenes, signs and three dimensional pieces.   With our three dimensional artwork, you get a sense of depth and perspective as light reflection and shadows make these beautiful pieces seem to come alive. All metal work is done in black, copper or rainbow and many of our pieces have interchangeable scenes.  This allows us to easily customize these pieces to fit your individual decorating theme.
Signs 2D Silhouettes 3D Silhouettes
Unique Two and Three Dimensional Sign Deisgns.
Two Dimensional Art

Three Dimensional Art