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At Mountain Man Originals, we design and handcraft METAL ART and MORE...It's Not Just Metal Art Anymore...Check us out and see for yourself!!!

We lost a very important part of us yesterday...my father Mel Wilson passed away! He was my rock! The one that helped guide me, teach me and get me started on this amazing journey and career of making metal art! I'm sad of course, but feel so blessed to have been able to learn everything I did from him. I just hope I can continue to do him proud and we can keep making amazing art as he would wish! I feel confident that I can because I know he will be watching over me.

My customers are amazing and always have been. I know they will understand when I say;
I apologize for delayed orders and phone calls/emails not being returned promptly. I need a minute to wrap my head around this and get going in full speed again, just as he would want me to.

Thank you everyone! God Bless!!

Mountain Man Originals would like to send a big Thank You to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for choosing 3 of our products to go into their 2017 Event Merchandising Catalog, 7th year in a Row! We are very honored to have been chosen for 7 years straight and proud to be a part of this organizations' efforts to conserve elk and their habitat.
If you are interested in learning how to become a part of this wonderful organization, go to their website at www.rmef.org.

Come visit our booth at the
Boise Christmas Expo
at the Idaho Fair Grounds
Boise ID
Dec 1 - 3, 2017
Don't miss out on the chance to visit our
Booth 2124
At the NFR Elk Camp and
Cowboy Christmas Events
at the Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas Nevada
December 7 -16 (9am to 5pm daily)

Featured Products

Cowgirl Time Towel Ring
Store Price: $25.00
3D Cabin Scene
Store Price: $375.00
Brahma Bull Head
Store Price $25.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Hand towel Holder with a Cowgirl taking a relaxing bath in an old fashioned claw foot bathtub.
3D Metal Art Silhouette Scene of a Rustic Cabin nestled between the trees with snow capped mountains in the background.
2D Metal Art Silhouette with Brahma Bull Head.
Outhouse T. P. Holder
Store Price: $20.00
Store Price $40.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Toilet Paper Holder with an old fashioned Outhouse.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Sign with Cowboy and his Horse slowly riding away.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Toilet Paper Holder with a Star and centered Longhorn Steer Head in circular format.
Solo Pheasant/Colored
Store Price: $45.00
Large Butterfly
Store Price: $20.00
The Brombies w/Mountain
Store Price $50.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a solo Rooster Pheasant taking flight.
2D Metal Art Silhouette with a Butterfly in flight (also comes in smaller size S-5041RS).
2D Metal Art Silhouette Scene with three Wild Horses running free across the flats with mountain peaks in the background.
Bow Hanger with Deer
Store Price: $75.00
Small Frog/Colored
Store Price: $5.00
Hand made Circular Saw with beautifully detailed scene of Mallard Ducks coming in for a landing.
3D Metal Art Silhouette Hunting Bow Hanger with an Arrow Head Scroll with Big Buck Deer in background (also available with Bull Elk S-5120R).
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a little Jumping Frog.
Bringin The Bull
Store Price $50.00
Store Price: $15.00
Hand made replica of an old Buck Saw Welcome Sign w/2D Metal Art Silhouette of a hunter/trapper and his Pack Mules.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Cowboy and his horse slowly driving a Bull back to the herd.
Metal Art Silhouette of a Brightly Colored Turtle.
Lone Cowgirl
Store Price $45.00
Buck Saw Mule Deer Welcome
Store Price: $95.00
Store Price: $20.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Cowgirl and her horse taking a slow relaxing ride down a long and quiet trail to somewhere unknown.
Hand made replica of an old Buck Saw Welcome Sign w/2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Mule Deer on alert.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of Brook Trout looking like it has just been hooked.