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Featured Products

Horse Family
Store Price $65.00
Store Price $40.00
Bow Hanger with Deer
Store Price: $80.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Head Shot of a Stud and Mare horse looking protectively over their young foal.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Sign with Cowboy and his Horse slowly riding away.
3D Metal Art Silhouette Hunting Bow Hanger with an Arrow Head Scroll with Big Buck Deer in background (also available with Bull Elk S-5120R).
3D Quail Scene
Store Price: $60.00
Soaring Bald Eagle
Store Price: $50.00
Bringin The Bull
Store Price $50.00
3D Metal Art Silhouette Scene of two Quail taking flight from their grassy hiding place while one stays behind.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Majestic Bald Eagle soaring with wings set wide.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Cowboy and his horse slowly driving a Bull back to the herd.
Cowgirl Time
Store Price $25.00
Store Price: $55.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette Toilet Paper Holder with a Star and centered Longhorn Steer Head in circular format.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Scene with Cowgirl taking a relaxing bath in an old fashion claw foot tub with "Cowgirl Time" signage centered in an arch below.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a Salmon Swimming.
Rodeo Scene Coat Rack
Store Price: $95.00
Brahma Bull Head
Store Price $25.00
Outhouse T. P. Holder
Store Price: $20.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette 5 Hook Coat/Cap rack with a Rodeo Bronc Rider, Bull Rider, Bareback Rider and Barrel Racer doing their wild thing. The mounting hardware is constructed out of Blue Pine and Horseshoes with centered Longhorn Steer heads as the hooks.
2D Metal Art Silhouette with Brahma Bull Head.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Toilet Paper Holder with an old fashioned Outhouse.
Solo Pheasant/Colored
Store Price: $45.00
Gatherin' Cows w/Dog
Store Price $80.00
Quail on a Branch
Store Price: $50.00
2D Metal Art Silhouette of a solo Rooster Pheasant taking flight.
2D Metal Art Silhouette Scene with a Cowboy on his horse with his trusty cattle dog gathering up the strays.
3D Pheasant Scene
Store Price: $60.00
Quail on Branch/Colored
Store Price: $45.00
3D Mallard Ducks Scene
Store Price: $60.00
3D Metal Art Silhouette of a Brightly Colored Rooster Pheasant taking flight from the tall grass.
2D Metal Art Silhouette of an alert Quail standing on a branch.
3D Metal Art Silhouette Scene of two Mallard Ducks taking flight while a Wood Duck remains behind in the water.